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Let one of our experienced real estate property managers walk you through the process of finding the perfect fit for your property management needs.


We have helpful information backed up by 20 years of industry experience to make the process easy.

We have the structures and resources necessary to more than exceed your expectations.

Property Management

Residential & Commercial Condo Management

Residential Rentals

Whether commercial or residential, Inland Property Management does exceptional work – both with our clients, and behind the scenes. Our dedicated staff of experienced real estate experts takes meticulous care to ensure that all parts of the process are followed and observed, and to ensure that our tenants have the information they need to become full-time residents or proud owners of commercial property.

Please take some time to review some of the main facets of each type of service from Inland Property Management, and find out how we can help you, our respected client, in the best way possible:

Residential & Commercial condo management requires diligence, communication skills, and a honed business acumen. Inland Property Management has all of that and more! Owner relations, contract relations, Board representation, government and financial paper work – no matter what the scale of your commercial property purchase or rental, we can guide you at every turn and make finding the perfect business property an easy experience.

From your first consultation with us to the moment we hand you the keys to your new rental or purchased property, we are helping you through the entire process. Discovering what your residential needs are, finding the perfect property, walking you through everything step-by-step, taking care of payments – Inland Property Management is a local company that truly cares about your experience.

Some of these items are optional on the part of the client whose officers may wish to take greater role in the business of the condominium.


  • Keep a set of books for the condominium (does not include formal year end statement preparation)

  • Collect the condominium fees from the owners

  • Prepare draft budgets each year for the consideration of the Board

  • Purchase GIC's and other investments as directed by the board


  • Prepare government registrations for changes of directors

  • Submit GST returns where applicable on commercial condiminiums

  • Submit WCB returns where applicable to cover workers & directors


Board Business

  • Attend all Board meetings

  • Prepare agenda and meeting package of financial statements, correspondence, etc.

  • Take the minutes of the Board meetings

  • Obtain quotes/contractors for the Board approved maintenance such as lawn maintenance, snow removal, insurance coverage and emergency work.

  • Write correspondence to owners on behalf of the Board.

  • Keep proper files on condominium business 

Owner Relations

  • Prepare caveats for registration against titles of defaulting owners

  • Prepare newsletters from submitted materials for distribution to owners and residents

  • Answer general questions from owners

  • Assess fines for bylaw infractions as determined by the board

  • Prepare estoppel certificates for owners selling out refinancing

  • Maintain emergency contact facility for after-hours call

Contractor Relations

  • Work with contractors on repairs and improvements approved by the board

  • Ensure contractors are properly covered by insurance and WCB

  • Ensure work is satisfactorily completed for payment

  • Write the cheque's to pay bills incurred by the condominium (some obligations such as utilities are put onto automatic debits to ensure prompt payment.)

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